About Com Tec

Confidence in a job well done!

Founder of the company, Robert Gardinier, was trained by Western Electric Company and has dedicated his career to fulfilling the communication requirements of organizations of all sizes. From school campuses, government offices and private enterprises, solving the unique specifications of each install and every service call presents an exciting challenge.

There is no business or environment that our company can't help to make more productive and efficient.

As president of Absolute Inc., my focus is on leading our industry on the service and implementation side of the business. We started with servicing 1A-2 mechanical systems, now we are routinely working on advanced IP networking and IP telephony projects.

We stand out from our telecommunications competition for a few reasons. First, we have the commitment track record to our customers that a service company should strive for with service records to prove it. Second, we don't under-charge our customers. Instead of focusing on charging less for our services, we focus on charging fair labor rates and re-investing back into our company through training, better equipment, and employee benefits, and I think our customers appreciate that because they understand that we will be there for them in the future.

COMTEC, or Communication Technologies, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Absolute Inc., a corporation based in Redding, California.

Take confidence when our technicians are onsite at your premises. We are a California licensed contractor, and that means we are insured and bonded.


  • Every COMTEC associate receives a base course in telephony, data networking, messaging, customer service and safety
  • Factory certifications are mandatory for field technical staff. In addition, COMTEC thoroughly tests for technical aptitude regularly in our in-house testing laboratory
  • Employment of state-of-the-art, field-testing equipment including Fluke [insert r symbol] DSP-4300 copper (Category 3, 5, 5e, 6, 6e, 6a) and fiber integrity certifier, Sunset T10 DSL/T1 tester, and software based TCP/IP network analysis suites


  • Over 1200 telephone and data network systems installed
  • 92% Customer retention rate with just over 2500 businesses
  • Successful fulfillment of thousands of maintenance agreements that always include guarantees on response times (SLA attachments)
  • Forefront on proven technologies and methodologies
  • Licensed California Contractor


  • Global, award winning manufacturers such as Iwatsu Voice Networks, NEC Unified Solutions, CommScope, TOA Sound, and dozens more
  • Financial viability analysis and accommodation arrangements
  • Vendor independence – privately held company
  • Best in class support | On-call 24 / 7 / 365
  • Bondable: We can provide completion bonds if the job requires

The COMTEC Advantage
With over 27-Years experience, both small and large organizations alike can rest assured that the COMTEC solution is the right solution.

2012 Best of Redding Award


Our selection of Com Tec Telephone and Data company is a reflection of the hard work of not only yourself, but of many people that have supported your business and contributed to the subsequent success of your organization. Congratulations on joining such an elite group of small businesses.

The Redding Award Program recognizes outstanding local businesses throughout the Redding area. Each year, we identify companies that we believe have achieved exceptional marketing success in their local community and business category. These are local companies that enhance the positive image of small business through service to their customers and community.

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