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LG Ericsson Digital and VoIP Phone Systems

Does your business require you to be connected to your team and customers while on the go?

Do you often travel for work and have concern over the extra phone charges?

iPECS Communicator enables you Anytime Anywhere business communication on your mobile devices. You can enjoy the rich call features of your desktop phone with a simple touch on your smart phone, while security is guaranteed.

Whatever your preference is, you can enjoy the iPECS Communicator either for iOS or Android. Just download the 'iPECS Communicator' application from Google Play or App store.

small business voip phones

The Case for the Small-Medium Size Business

There are a many unique requirements and challenges that small and medium sized businesses face pertaining to telecommunications and technology in whole. SMB organizations need to be able to adapt quickly to market changes which is one of their main strengths. Building expandable and adaptable solutions can make the difference in gaining roberton their control processes including employee and technology expenses. Lastly, small and medium sized businesses face difficult choices when it comes to technology expenditures and must be sure that positive returns can be expected.

Additional products that COMTEC Telephone & Data support include:

  • Mitel series of PBX's (This includes the SX 20, SX-50, SX-100/200, EL and 2000 series)
  • Toshiba series EKT, DK, CTX and newer CIX
  • AT&T / Avaya Partner, Legend and IP Office

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