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COMTEC Telephone & Data always strives to protect our customer's original investment. Keeping this in mind, one of the new products we now offer to our customers is the Ericsson/LG UCP IP/Digital systems.

Designed to protect our customers from needless replacement of hardware and telephones to migrate into the future of Voice communication.

The newer software permits the end user to make program changes to the system. The Upgrade to software is performed by a web browser and resides on the customer's data network.

With maximum flexibility in mind, the UCP series provides all of the feature businesses expect to operate efficiently and effectively. UCP also supports advanced applications such as unified communications, mobile phone access and 100% transparent multiple system networking. Ericsson/LG, is recognized as one of the most reliable and energy efficient telecommunications servers in the world, is the best choice for your business communications.

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The Case for the Small-Medium Size Business

There are a many unique requirements and challenges that small and medium sized businesses face pertaining to telecommunications and technology in whole. SMB organizations need to be able to adapt quickly to market changes which is one of their main strengths. Building expandable and adaptable solutions can make the difference in gaining an edge on the competition. In addition to quick responses, small business organizations must also have a firm grasp on their control processes including employee and technology expenses. Lastly, small and medium sized businesses face difficult choices when it comes to technology expenditures and must be sure that positive returns can be expected.

Additional products that COMTEC Telephone & Data support include:

  • Iwatsu ADIX/ECS and VS series of systems.
  • Mitel series of PBX's (This includes the SX 20, SX-50, SX-100/200, EL and 2000 series)
  • Toshiba series EKT, DK, CTX and newer CIX
  • AT&T / Avaya Partner, Legend and IP Office

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