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With the expansion of our data networks with infrastructure necessary to support computer data services. A VoIP solution maximizes the infrastructure and data network to provide voice over the existing cabling.

VoIP LG/Ericsson MG 80 Solution

VoIP PhoneMG80is an all-in-one IP-PBX, voice messaging system, Capable of supporting up to 80 phone extensions and 24 outside lines, the mg80 is the perfect system for a small businesses voice communications and data networking needs.

Full featured SIP phone system provides a powerful and scalable voice over IP solution for small businesses.

A basic system built for SIP, VoIP, Digital, Analog, and VM built into the basic cabinet and 802.11 wifi access point make the MG80 the total office solution for a small business.

An intuitive browser-based programming interface the MG80 system is easy to deploy and maintain. Remote teleworker, Advanced automated attendant, voice mail messaging Automated Call Distribution (ACD) assures that callers are routed to the right person ordepartment. Voice mail forwarding to email provides quick access to messages from PCs and mobile phones.

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