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Hotels & Motels have a uniqueness all their own. They have visiting guests who rent a room for a specific period of time. Unique requirements for this market require a way in which to stay in touch with housekeeping and maintenance.

In order to maintain the room for the guest’s comfort, a series of status indicators are available for housekeeping, and maintenance. By dialing specific codes on the room phone the maid notifies the front desk who then can determine which room is ready for occupancy, out of service for maintenance or a room needs to be cleaned.

The main console shows room status, message waiting, or phone in use. These are clearly displayed on the main console.

Also, a day and night mode of operation can be set so that a desk clerk can answer calls at the desk or have an Automated Attendant answer calls. Once free from answering calls, the attendant can perform other job tasks.

Additional features include emergency 911 calls, a display, and tone on the operator console is used for notification purposes. Other standard features are toll restriction, barge-in, wake-up calls, and room restriction.

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