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Intercom, Clock, & Bell Systems

Traditional School Intercom, Clock, and Bell systems comprise a rack with mounting hardware to support the School Intercom, Clock, and Bell System. By using school “speakers” in the classroom the administrator phone has the ability to call individual rooms and with a talkback feature to the school classroom, to communicate with the teacher.

A button on the Administrator’s phone can send a system-wide voice or tone page to all of the school classrooms. This is especially important if a school-wide lockdown is necessary.

Different tones are available to separate standard bell, emergency, weather or fire notifications are also available.

School Clock Systems

The master school clock system controls the school clocks that are in the classroom and periodically synchronous all clocks to have the same time. When daylight savings time comes the master clock can be set to synchronize automatically. By connecting the internet tying the master clock to the internet the school time is synchronized automatically. Newer digital clock master controllers now support a variety of existing clock systems thus reducing the replacement costs of those clocks.

School Bell Systems

The school bell system may utilize existing speakers and/or drive external bells that are located throughout the school.

As technology has progressed or as the rack-mounted systems have quit working, newer stand-alone systems are available, thus saving the high investment costs of replacing a unified rack school system.

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